Why Microsoft Certifications Matter

By Bruce Nelson

We are in an era of unprecedented change. As technology evolves, so do our customers’ needs.  Just three years ago, the idea that end users would expect access to corporate networks from their personal devices would have been unthinkable.  Yet, today that is the norm.

How do we keep a top of this constant change and gain the specific skills and expertise to deploy current solutions?  For Vertical Solutions, it means a commitment to training and continuing education for the team.  And, we choose to demonstrate our knowledge of Microsoft and its products through their rigorous exams and certification process.

In prep for this post, I did a bit of searching on the web, looking to see what others had to say on the subject.  Funny, I could find page after page of results with the theme – exams are just a piece of paper, experience is what matters.  My response, with the speed of today’s technology change, how do you gain this “experience”?  Attempting to learn on the fly, at a client’s site, is as impossible as it is unprofessional.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver the highest level of IT Managed Services and Dynamics GP built on Microsoft technologies, delivered on-premise or through a hosted solution.  To demonstrate that Vertical Solutions has the commitment to advancing our skills, the following is just a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished so far this year:

  • 3 team members have passed the Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials exam
  • 3 team members have passed the Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation exam
  • 1 team member has passed the SQL Installation and Configuration exam
  • 3 team members have passed the Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementation exam
  • 6 team members have passed the Windows 2012 Installation and Configuration exam
  • 4 team members have passed the Windows 10 Installation and Configuration exam

And we don’t just hold our technical team to this standard, our account team can prove their solution expertise as well.

  • 3 team members have passed the Sales Specialist Accreditation exam
  • 1 team member has passed the PreSales  Specialist Accreditation exam
  • 1 team member has passed the Licensing Overview Assessment

Understanding the value of the learning process and embracing testing, demonstrates our commitment to our clients and team.  Simply put, certifications do matter.