Managed Services

Control the biggest investment in your business technology – the hidden costs of lost time and productivity due to technical problems. Fixing repairs, routine upgrades, and any number of unforeseen challenges can cause technology to go down and destroy budget projections.

IT Managed Services from Vertical Solutions allows you to benefit from having a fully staffed IT department for a fraction of the costs, to assure your systems will operate at optimal performance with maximum cost-efficiency. It’s the IT support and services you need at a price you can afford.

IT Department

Some organizations either can’t afford to staff their own IT resources or would simply prefer to outsource those services. That’s where our IT Department services come into play. Vertical Solutions can provide small and midmarket organizations the full ranges of services, typically only available to enterprise organizations.  Everything from Monitoring, Helpdesk, On-site Services, Project Services and vCIO services are available to you and your team. As a fully integrated business partner, we work closely with your team to understand your IT requirements and align those with the appropriate services to support your objectives.

Vertical Solutions Helpdesk Services provides live US based Helpdesk services to supplement your existing IT staff, or we can deliver full end user support. Our helpdesk team has the ability to quickly and efficiently resolve IT issues. We provide in-depth troubleshooting and assistance for common business applications and issues.

  • Meeting the challenge of keeping pace with technology while supporting end-users can be daunting for many small and midsized organizations. The IT department’s role has become far more sophisticated, and requires a team of professionals to meet the demands of today’s environments.

    Our IT Managed Services solution provides your organization with an enterprise level IT Department for a fraction of the costs. Vertical Solutions provides:

    • Monitoring and remediation, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
    • Helpdesk services to support end users
    • Specialized software and engineering resources to address Level III service and support needs
    • Security specialist to provide consulting and solutions designed to protect users from today’s evolving threat landscape
    • Cloud solution specialist to assist clients with cloud migration and management challenges

    Whether you are looking to fill an IT role that has been vacated, or simply looking to increase the services and responsiveness of your IT partner, we have the team and experience to meet your needs.

"We starting working with Vertical Solutions for day-to-day support but they quickly discovered that our technical environment would not pass a HIPAA audit. We are grateful for the extra effort they put in to get us compliant."
Bethany Spracher, Orthopaedic Center of the Virginias


Monitoring Services allows you to benefit from proactive maintenance that helps prevent system issues before they occur – operations are never interrupted due to downtime.

Vertical Solutions’ tools, in key services such as anti-virus, patch management, asset inventory and reporting automate and manage a number of tasks that keep your systems secure. Rely on a more comprehensive and up-to-date IT infrastructure that’s dependable and stable, so you don’t have to spend time on repetitive IT tasks or reacting to IT issues.

  • The primary mission of your organization shouldn’t be managing information technology or spending your time and resources outside of growing your actual business. Shouldn’t your IT systems be an investment for business growth, rather than a drag on profitability?

    Proactive System Monitoring

    Vertical Solutions monitoring services provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. You’ll enjoy the benefit of a full team of IT specialists keeping your systems in excellent working order. With over 2,000 potential monitors already configured, our team can quickly identify issues and alert you to them before they become actual problems that can result in a lack of productivity and system downtime.

    Patch Management

    Microsoft patching has become a critical and time-consuming venture. While automatic updates simplify patch deployment, patches can break more than they fix. We offer a variety of deployment options, tailored to your business.

    Executive Reporting

    Vertical Solutions delivers monthly executive reports to you, depending on the C-Level responsible for the IT operations. Our high-level report includes a network score calculated based on common network metrics for the month. Our detailed report details the performance of every system at your site.

    Asset and Inventory

    We don’t only manage IT, we will inform you exactly what is on your network. No matter how many locks are placed on your hardware or software, crafty viruses, spyware, and end users will find a way to surpass protection systems. You’ll know what software is out there, connected intentionally or unintentionally, and current hardware specifications.


Vertical Solutions Helpdesk Services provides live US based Helpdesk services to supplement your existing IT staff, or we can deliver full end user support. Our helpdesk team has the ability to quickly and efficiently resolve IT issues. We provide in-depth troubleshooting and assistance for common business applications and issues.

  • In today’s environment, IT has become an integral part of most roles within an organization. As IT adoption has grown so have the number of potential issues like malware infecting your system, email stops working, passwords are lost, and the list goes on. For many organizations end user support is becoming an increasing priority.

    Vertical Solutions’ Helpdesk will work with you until the problem is solved, regardless if your issue is with your hardware, software, or network.

    What’s more, our helpdesk is a seamless extension of our remote monitoring platform – meaning that when you call to report an issue, there’s a good chance our technicians are already aware of the problem and are actively working to resolve it.

    Many organizations invest in high-value technical team members, only to see them spending all their time fielding end user support calls and requests – resulting in overworked, underutilized and unmotivated staff. Our helpdesk lets you give your team a break, allowing them to focus on what matters – serving as an advisor to your management team, identifying new opportunities, and increasing productivity and revenue. You’ll be able to grow your business, and your internal resources can have nights, weekends and holidays off!

    Vertical Solutions Helpdesk Services’ can define custom support levels and workflows that fill the gaps in your end user support.

    Our Help Desk support includes:

    • Microsoft desktop operating systems
    • Thin clients and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
    • E-mail applications and browsers
    • Microsoft Office and leading third-party applications
    • Limited hardware and network troubleshooting
    • Printer installation and support
    • Mobile phones and tablets
    • User administration
    • Desktop performance problems
    • Virus and malware infections

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery  (BDR) from Vertical Solutions provides a managed, on and off-site, business continuity system to simplify and automate your backup and disaster recovery process. You’ll benefit from a backup solution that is  a reliable and efficient way to back up your data securely, and is recoverable regardless of any disaster scenario.

  • The central challenge that organizations face today, when it comes to business continuity, is recovering and maintaining your critical business systems during adverse conditions.

    Data loss of any size can hinder productivity and could potentially harm customer satisfaction rates and your reputation. What’s worse, it will most certainly impact your bottom line.

    Back Up & Recovery provides your organization with a managed, on and off-site, business continuity system to simplify and automate your backup and disaster recovery process.

    Near Real-Time Backups captures all changes in increments as frequently as 15 minutes. Your end users don’t have to deal with downtime because they will see their data exactly like it was at the end of the restoration point.

    On-site Virtual Server allows your servers and applications to be restored and rebooted in as little as 30 minutes. If any of your servers fail, our server virtualization technology embedded in the backup appliance can have your business up and running. You will remain in business without any significant loss of data backup, server functionality, or application downtime.

    A Complete Image is warehoused on the appliance physically located at your location. Your data is stored using AES-256 bit encryption and compressed. Our backup solution is the most efficient way to store your important data and is much less prone to errors.

    Secure Remote Storage creates an independent tunnel and transmits your imaged data to a secure, offsite location where it resides in an encrypted, compressed format. That remote site then replicates again to an alternate data center, creating a total of three copies of the data in three geographically distinct regions. Since the data is encrypted and only you have the key, no one has access at any of the remote storage facilities.

    24×7 Completely Managed Solution monitors your backup appliance and the attached servers 24/7. Our engineers are alerted immediately to any failed processes, and can remotely correct errors. In case of more serious issues, we will conduct repairs at your site. If any devices are damaged or destroyed, we can ship replacements overnight—pre-loaded with all stored data—directly to your location.

Security Solutions

Securing your networks and critical data is the number one priority for most organizations in today’s environment. These challenges have steadily increased and evolved as mobile devices have become common place, cloud solutions are the norm, and advanced threats from outside sources have become more prolific. Yesterday’s piecemeal security models and solutions no longer meet today’s requirements.

Vertical Solutions Security Solutions include a comprehensive portfolio of Next Gen Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection, Monitoring and Training solutions designed to protect your networks, data and end users.

  • Distressingly, the security landscape is changing rapidly with new iterations of ransomware being unleashed at an impossible rate. As cybercriminals become more advanced, so must your security solutions. These new security threats require a layered security solution approach to protect our organizations.

    Advanced Threat Protection from Vertical Solutions delivers a complete and integrated security platform to respond to today’s threats. We don’t only implement these solutions, but also provide the ongoing monitoring that is an often missed component.

    NextGen Firewall Solutions

    The volume and sophistication of attacks are on the rise, but traditional defenses are increasingly proving ineffective. Firewall products can deliver security and control over your network. Unfortunately, they are not a complete solution.

    NextGen Firewall Solutions from Vertical Solutions gives you this advanced protection. You can keep data from falling into the wrong hands through password controls, physical safe guards, enforceable internet policies and monitoring controls.

    Threat Protection

    Even with some kind of security solution in place, many small and midsized businesses are unaware of the very real threats advanced malware poses to their business. You are being targeted by cybercriminals because most organizations do not have the people or the systems to monitor their networks consistently and to determine how they are being infiltrated.

    Vertical Solutions’ Threat Protection utilizes innovative tools and techniques to detect and eliminate known, unknown and advanced malware. Your security software must minimize the burden on your systems and maintain fast scanning times so as not to disrupt your business.

    Office 365 Advanced Security Management

    Small and midsized businesses often have fewer resources to invest in security, and many are still not adopting basic best practices like blocking executable files and screensaver email attachments.

    Vertical Solutions has helped many organizations transition to Office 365, and recommend Advanced Security Management to give greater visibility and control over your Office 365 environment. You can benefit from its threat detection, enhanced control, and discovery of unsanctioned software by engaging with Vertical Solutions to manage this tool.


    Regrettably, any security solution is lessened by the weakest link, your end users. The volume and sophistication of today’s attacks makes it easy for cybercriminals to fool your end users to exploit your network.

    Vertical Solutions can provide timely and relevant end user security training. Your team will understand not only why security is critical, but also will be able to have knowledge of today’s evolving threats.