Healthcare IT

Whether for profit or nonprofit, healthcare providers and facilities face a myriad of daunting challenges – scrambling to achieve meaningful use requirements, using disconnected systems, integrating staff’s personal devices, or meeting HIPAA requirements. Partnering with a technology company to increase reliability and eliminate inefficiency is imperative to help improve information management and establish a security-enhanced flow of information for more efficient and connected care.

HIPAA Assessments

Medical clinics, dental offices, nursing homes and other health-related entities are required by law to have a specialized IT risk assessment performed to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Vertical Solutions’ HIPAA Assessment report functions as a springboard to assist you in evaluating risks and vulnerabilities in your environment. We can direct you on implementing the policies and procedures that protect the integrity of all electronic protected health information (EPHI).

  • Healthcare IT Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Assessment

    As an IT Business Associate who meets the compliance standards as required by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, Vertical Solutions knows the consequences of not and documenting correcting security risks.

    Phase 2 Audits for the compliance with HIPAA have been announced. Now is the time to develop or update compliance documents.

    Protecting data isn’t just staying HIPAA compliant. Vertical Solutions can eliminate the worry from potential security risks and vulnerabilities, by performing comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessments for you.

    The Initial Data Collection

    One of the most challenging aspects of performing a valid comprehensive HIPAA Assessment is gathering and organizing the vast amount of data that must be collected from a variety of sources. We’ll start by conducting a “Site Interview” to obtain the answers to a series of pre-defined questions.

    Next, we’ll conduct an On-Site Survey to personally observe the environment, take photographs and check on a wide range of security policies. There’s no guesswork here – the process includes the comprehensive checklist of things to look for, and a data repository to record your answers and upload your imagines.

    While conducting the On-Site Survey, we’ll also be running the non-invasive local HIPAA scanner on each PC in the office. This scanner can be run directly off a single memory stick, and the results of all individual scans are automatically collated back into your master report. Additionally we’ll kick off an External Vulnerability Scan.

    The Secondary Data Collection Process

    Once we’ve gathered the initial data and uploaded it all into the HIPAA Risk Assessment Engine, we’ll will work with your organization to complete three worksheets – a User Identification Worksheet, a Computer Identification Worksheet, and a Share Identification Worksheet. These worksheets are built automatically by the HIPAA Risk Assessment Engine once we import the automated collections. The data from these worksheets will be automatically cross-correlated with the data collected by the data collector to ensure there are no anomalies.

    Recording Exceptions and Develop a Plan

    At this point in the process we will generate a Security Exception Worksheet, which will list issues that have been identified. We will also note any exceptions and add further explanations. Complete the worksheet, and then the fun begins. All of that information gathered by the team is ready to be crunched, analyzed and organized into a set of official HIPAA Compliance reports and documents.

"We needed a partner who could grow with us, Vertical Solutions had the background, track record and experience to fit our needs. Everyone is very responsive, helpful and polite."

Simon James, South Hills Bible Chapel

Healthcare Security Solutions

In today’s environments simply putting in an Anti-Virus solution or off the shelf firewall is not enough. Threat are more sophisticated than ever and evolving on a daily basis. Healthcare organizations need not only solutions that are designed to meet their unique compliance requirements but they also need a team behind those solutions to monitor, manage and report on the environments and new threats. Vertical Solutions has reviewed numerous solutions and selected best of breed systems that meet those requirements.

  • Vertical Solutions understands the unique and challenging aspects of IT Security in the Healthcare space. As cybercriminals become more advanced, so must your security solutions. It’s critical for healthcare organizations that their systems are secure. Practices that have focused on reactive measures should expand their efforts to include proactive approaches.

    The need to protect Electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) is not only critical for you practice it’s also mandated by federal law.

    Advanced Threat Protection from Vertical Solutions delivers a complete and integrated security platform to respond to today’s threats. We don’t only implement these solutions, but also provide the ongoing monitoring that is an often missed component of compliance.

    NextGen Firewall Solutions

    In the rush to implement Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions to meet meaningful use requirements, many chose cloud based solutions thinking they will also meet security compliance requirements. Unfortunately, they are not a complete solution.

    Healthcare organizations still need to enact security measures for their on-premise solutions. NextGen Firewall Solutions from Vertical Solutions gives you this advanced protection. You can keep data from falling into the wrong hands through password controls, physical safe guards, enforceable internet policies and monitoring controls to meet HIPAA security requirements.


    Sensitive data is widely proliferated on laptops, smartphones, tablets and USB drives, exposing you to a HIPAA compliance fines if devices that contained ePHI are lost or stolen. Vertical Solutions Encryption Services will protect your sensitive communications and devices.

    Because or service includes monitoring of devices, if it is lost or stolen our team has the ability to remotely revoke authentication and credentials. Our solutions will increase security while reducing the costs of supporting mobile devices.


    Regrettably, our healthcare security solutions are mitigated by the weakest link, your end users. The volume and sophistication of today’s attacks makes it easy to fool untrained users, making it easy for cybercriminals to exploit your network.

    Vertical Solutions can provide timely and relevant end user security training. Your team will understand not only why security is critical, but also will be able to have knowledge of today’s evolving threats.

Healthcare Support Solutions

Healthcare organizations are unique and so are their support requirements. Gone are the days of hiring a “computer guy” who can help you out when a system goes down. Access to patient information and time are critical to providers. Your IT systems and team need to support these priorities. Vertical Solutions has worked with 100’s of Healthcare providers and their staff. We have proactive monitoring solutions in place to provide alerts on any potential issues, we have a team ready to remediate any issues and our support is here to assist with any end user issues that may come up. The key to our model is addressing issues before they affect access to patient information or the provider’s time.

  • Healthcare’s recent rapid implementation of technology has been a great addition for providing more efficient and connected care. Until it doesn’t work. Keeping that technology up and running can be a huge challenge. When something doesn’t work, the next challenge is finding a resource who knows and understands the unique needs of healthcare providers.

    Support Solutions from Vertical Solutions provides medical providers with one stop access to all the IT services so you can spend time helping patients, not dealing with technical issues. From a helpdesk that can be available 24×7, to helping you solve issues with your medical software vendor, to providing the best malware and virus protection, to making sure your internet connection works for you, to ensuring your network health, to having someone onsite to figure why your printer doesn’t work, and anything else you need – we are your one stop resource for all your IT issues.

    You’ll have access to support, delivered through the Vertical Solutions’ portal, which provides details on your support needs and more. Our remote services allow us to be able to diagnose you issues, even if you are not in your office or in front of your computer. This shared insight means you have the benefit of our entire team’s knowledge, not just your computer guy.

    Vertical Solutions not only can help you with your IT issues, our engineers can help you plan for your IT needs as your practice grows. We know how doctors work and how technology can allow you to improve patient care.

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Healthcare

Just as staff and providers in Healthcare organizations have unique requirements so do the back office and financial personnel. Healthcare providers face the challenges of providing continuous, high quality healthcare with shrinking budgets, departments, and staff. A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that connects with the productivity applications your staff already uses. Built on the foundation and strength of Dynamics GP, our team has developed solutions that can address the requirements of your practice.

  • With a powerfully simple, next generation ERP solution, your practice can deliver more cost-effective and efficient healthcare.

    Advanced Financial Management solutions from Dynamics GP address even the most complex allocations, budgeting, multi-entity management and financial reporting requirements. The ability to easily integrate from various external system and combine that data with key operational metrics gives the finance depart the ability to generate and distribute reporting across the organization.

    • Streamline existing cost accounting tasks
    • Identify critical information necessary for decision-making
    • Improve overall efficiencies by bridging the gap between clinical system outcomes and the back office.

    Improve and Automate Your Processes to achieve real advantages. Dynamics GP Advanced Purchasing functionality simplifies your current complex workflow, approval and purchasing process.

    Goods and services are received properly, and correct financial terms is a reality for practices who have the need to allocate certain expenses. Entering, routing and approving invoices can be done efficiently and accurately.

    • Lean and streamlined operational capabilities
    • Automated coordination activities and analysis of improvement opportunities
    • Workflows that can help to bridge gaps between separate systems, departments, and locations

    It’s All About the People and nowhere is that a truer statement than with healthcare organizations. Providers have extremely complex requirements, dependent on the skills and experience of physicians, clinicians, nurses, and other professionals, while meeting the around-the-clock needs of your patients.

    It will be significantly easier to record, store, and access employee information and calculate payroll automatically, even as employees work in different departments and at different rates with Dynamics GP Payroll and Human Resources.

    We have implemented systems with over 2,000 employees, union and non-union personnel, with unlimited pay types, automatic calculation of shift differentials, or overtime calculations. Vertical Solutions has the experience to implement these systems for your organizations.

    • Simplify complex payroll processes
    • Easy-to-use employee portals to access their data
    • Track employee certifications and licenses
    • Seamlessly integrate payroll withholdings with accounts payables