Healthcare IT

Improved connected-care from compliant information management

Vertical Solutions’ industry insight & knowledge of regulations 

– lets you focus on your patients, not your technology

Healthcare Security 

Vertical Solutions understands the unique and challenging aspects of IT Security in the Healthcare space.  Our solutions delivers a complete and integrated security platform to respond to today’s threats. 


Timely and relevant end user security training.  Your team will understand not only why security is critical, but also will be able to have knowledge of today’s evolving threats.


Protect your ePHI if your staff’s laptops, smartphones, tablets or USB drives are lost or stolen. 

NextGen Firewalls

Keep data from falling into the wrong hands through strict controls 

End User Protection

Discover cloud services being used to see where your data is going.

Healthcare Support Solutions

Gone are the days of hiring a “computer guy” who can help you out when a system goes down. Access to patient information is critical. Your IT systems and team need to support these priorities. 

The key to our model is addressing issues before they affect access to patient information or the provider’s time.

Monitoring solutions to provide alerts on any potential issues, and a team ready to remediate any issues, assistance with any end user issues. 


Available 24×7 to help you solve your issues from working with your EMR vendor to figure why your printer doesn’t work,& anything else you need. 

On Site Support

Setting up a new workstation to figuring out why you can’t connect to the internet

Remote Services

We are be able to diagnose you issues, even if you are not in your office or in front of your computer

Support Portal

Provides details on your all your support needs, chat directly with an agent, see progress of an issue.

HIPAA Assessments

Medical clinics, dental offices, nursing homes and other health-related entities are required by law to have a specialized IT risk assessment performed to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Vertical Solutions’ HIPAA Assessment report functions as a springboard to assist you in evaluating risks and vulnerabilities in your environment. We can direct you on implementing the policies and procedures that protect the integrity of all electronic protected health information (EPHI).

Data Collection

Gathering and organizing the vast amount of data from a variety of sources. We’ll start by conducting a “Site Interview” to obtain the answers to a series of pre-defined questions.


On-Site Survey

There’s no guesswork here – the process includes the comprehensive checklist of things to look for, and a data repository to record your answers and upload your imagines.

The Secondary Data Collection Process

User Identification Worksheet, a Computer Identification Worksheet, and a Share Identification Worksheet. These worksheets are built automatically by the HIPAA Risk Assessment Engine once we import the automated collections. 

Recording Exceptions and Develop a Plan

All of that information gathered by the team is ready to be crunched, analyzed and organized into a set of official HIPAA Compliance reports and documents.

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Healthcare

Just as staff and providers in Healthcare organizations have unique requirements so do the back office and financial personnel. Healthcare providers face the challenges of providing continuous, high quality healthcare with shrinking budgets, departments, and staff. A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that connects with the productivity applications your staff already uses. Built on the foundation and strength of Dynamics GP, our team has developed solutions that can address the requirements of your practice.

  • Healthcare IT EMR Support
    “I just want to say that we switched to Vertical Solutions a year ago, and you are all so responsive and so terrific at following up. You guys do a great job! “
  • Healthcare IT Support
    “We appreciate the excellent service provided by Vertical Solutions in handling our IT needs, including the many instances where you have gone above and beyond in resolving our problems and concerns! “