Four Cyber Security Fundamentals

By Bruce Nelson

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

I had the opportunity to attend the Denver Biz Tech Conference and learn from industry leaders and my peers.  It really was a great event. 

As you can image, cyber security was one of the hot topics for the event.  For my part, I attended two sessions on cyber security.  The first session featured a chief security information officer and a lead FBI agent from their cyber security group.  The second was a presentation delivered by a top anti-virus and cyber security provider. 

While they covered various topics ranging from cyber security insurance to state sponsored attacks when it came to recommendations for the small and mid-sized business market all three were consistent in their recommendations.

  1. Managed and monitored patch management for your operating systems and applications
  2. Current anti-virus software
  3. Solid and tested back-up solution (and possibly even a backup of the backup)
  4. User training

I number of attendees asked questions around paying ransom, advanced threats etc.  The bottom line, and all three presenters were very consistent, was to have these four pieces in place is your best defense.  As an SMB, you’ll never stop a sophisticated attack.  We just don’t have the tools or resources.   In the SMB space, the criminals simply exploit the vulnerabilities exposed when the above items are not properly address.

Vertical Solutions understands these risks and has defined and evolved solutions to address them.

Are Your Practicing Security Fundamentals?