Guide: Create the Ideal Disaster Plan

Natural disasters and cyberattacks may seem like vastly different scenarios, but in terms of destructive potential to your IT resources, these challenges are all too dangerous.

Did you know healthcare is a priority target?

Since 2016, healthcare has become a top target for ransomware and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Despite fragmentation within hacker communities about the ethics of exploiting organizations that help so many people, attacks like WannaCry have targeted and critically damaged IT resources within healthcare organizations ranging from the UK National Health Service to small groups and practices.

The most serious damage can be prevented…

Whether it is fair, or right, or not, healthcare organizations must be prepared for these grim and all-too likely scenarios. But what makes these incidents even more tragic is that the majority of the damage could have been prevented by taking adequate steps to ensure IT preparedness. It is often the organization’s planning, its ability to react and restore operations quickly, that can stop a life-threatening emergency in its early stages, like taking the antidote to a poison.  

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Disaster Recovery (DR) Guide: Face the Unknown

As consumers, we take IT functionality for granted. As patients, we expect healthcare to function when it is needed, many times without realizing the extent of our dependency. Leadership, however, can only uphold these expectations by looking precisely where no one wants to look. This makes the first stage of Disaster Preparation the most difficult because no one wants to consider unknown risks.

Vertical Solutions has simplified this initial stage with our concise, easy-to-follow guide: Creating the Ideal Disaster Recovery Plan. Inside, you will:

  • Discover why disaster preparedness is a top priority for your business
  • Assess your level of preparedness for cybersecurity threats with a 12-question, yes/no Disaster Preparedness Assessment
  • Learn how to develop a quick start business and technology plan with practical, easy-to-implement solutions to some of the deadliest and most commonplace natural disasters and threats

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