BYOD: Tips to Secure Data

With recent cyber-attacks, happening more and more frequently, it makes sense to point out how these attacks are happening. Unfortunately, the weakest link in security is human error.  As the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend rises and the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications grows, security threats increase.

The question is, in the age of BYOD, how do you keep your critical business data safe?

These tips can help keep your data safe from security threats and system failure:

  1. Software Protection is a must! Anti-malware software is a basic necessity for preliminary protection on all devices.
  2. Don’t forget virus and spyware protection. It is important to prevent viruses and spyware from sneaking into your computer, slowing performance and corrupting data.
  3. Use a firewall. Hardware based firewalls provide a level of security that is strong enough to block dangerous programs before they breach your system.
  4. Look for the S! A very simple way to make sure your information is safe is to confirm that the prefix https:// begins the URL address when going to banking sites, entering your credit card data or accessing e-mail.
  5. Keep your operating system up to date. We cannot stress this one enough…  Install any recent updates or patches!
  6. Be cautious. Do not open suspicious e-mails from unknown sources. Don’t open e-mails with attachments if you don’t know the sender. And definitely do not open the attachments!!

Education is the first line of defense. For any further layers of protection, contact Vertical Solutions!

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