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What’s Coming in 2015

A Conversation with Vertical Solutions President Bruce Nelson

As we head into 2015 we sat down for a brief Q&A with our President, Bruce Nelson to get his perspective on where he sees technology heading in 2015. Read More

How We Became the Best in 3,500

Vertical Solutions is among a distinguished group of top MSPs

That’s right, out of 3,500 partners from around the world we are their Top Partner. This award recognizes our strong growth, depth of expertise, client satisfaction, client retention and most importantly it recognizes our TEAM and our efforts. Together we are doing great things and more importantly the right things. Read More

Video Friday - How Dynamics GP Helped a Nonprofit Get Positive

Can accounting positively impact the lives of the people you serve?

Read More

Video Friday: What the Heck is ERP?

And why should small and midsize business know about Microsoft Dynamics GP

A new video from the Microsoft Dynamics SMB team explaining why small and midsized organizations should know about ERP. Read More

Like Our Hometown, We Can Stun You

We are always fighting the perception that only big firms can provide top services to medical practices. On top of that, we are a Pittsburgh based organization, and unfortunately, people still have the impression that our home town is a dying rust belt city. Read More

Video Friday - What Starts Here Can Change the World

Commencement address by Adm. William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, at the University of Texas at Austin on May 17. Our president, Bruce Nelson, shared this with the team. Read More

Meet New Team Member Dave Adalbert!

Get to know the irrepressibly cheerful David Adalbert, who was referred to us by Chris Bowman!

Ever wonder who is at the other end of the phone when you call our helpdesk? For those of you who have been lucky enough to have been helped by our newest team member, Dave Adalbert, we give a peek into Dave's world. Read More

Our Geeks Make the Ultimate Guide to Managed Services

Nine Lives Media Names Vertical Solutions to the MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

It means our team wakes up every day focused on the goal of enhancing our clients experience in working with the core technologies that support their organizations. Our geeks (yes we are proud of this) focus on solving technical, operational and end user experience challenges. Read More

To Touch or Not to Touch Tuesdays: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

by Lindsay Biggio

With Windows XP support ending on April 8, 2014, now is the perfect time to look at a Windows 8 device. To put it in perspective, when Windows XP was released in 2001, there was no such thing as a digital music player - the tech forward ones were burning music to CDs Read More

Video Friday - Want Laptop Value?

See an iPad user as he becomes frustrated with its inability to do real work

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Video Friday The Nokia Lumia 2520: A great tablet if you don't want to choose, work OR play, battery OR bulk. Read More

Meet a Team Member: Thalia Stevenson

Get to know Team Member Thalia Stevenson as she answers questions about her interests and hobbies. Read More

Dell Venue 8 Pro

by Lindsay Biggio

Windows 8 has enabled manufacturers to create a host of new device styles precisely aligned to not only your unique work requirements, but your personal ones as well. Read More

Meet a Team Member: Samantha Boden

Get to know team member Samantha Boden as she answers some questions about her interests and background. Read More

Meet a Team Member: Jennifer Obed

Get to know team member Jennifer Obed, as she answers some questions about her interests and background. Read More

Video Friday - Scroogled by Pawn Stars

A new "Scroogled" ad from Microsoft featuring the guys from Pawn Stars

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Video Friday Watch Rick and the Old Man from Gold & Silver Pawn Shop break down the Google Chromebook Read More

Video Friday - Super Cool Update to OneNote

Easily capture white board content - and it is searchable!

If anyone else has taken a picture of a white board and then struggled to remember/ figure out that picture – or had to lug flip boards, then you will know why I am so excited by this. Read More

HIPAA Data Breach Notifications - The Stuff of Nightmares?

By Bruce Nelson

Does the thought of having to send notifications keeping you up at night? It should be. We recently had the opportunity to discuss HealthIT risks with real life HIPAA data breach notification examples of each risk. Read More

Happy Holidays

From me, in PowerPoint!

People make fun of my use of PowerPoint as my primary graphic program all the time, but I don't know of a better or easier way to work. So, Happy Holidays from me, in PowerPoint. Thanks to MVP Sandra Johnson for the template. Read More

Video Friday - Google Chrome Parody

A Microsoft internal video parody

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Video Friday Microsoft Internal Google Chrome Bouncing Ball Now Everywhere Parody Read More

Favorite Videos Friday - Windows 8

Don't fight: See why now's the time to switch to a Windows Phone

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Videos Friday From #timetoswitch: Get ready for what may be the best photos and videos you've taken with a smartphone. The Nokia Lumia 920 brings Optical Image Stabilization, 8 MP PureView technology, and incredible photo and video software—all to Windows Phone 8. Read More

Microsoft Ad Friday - Windows 8: Multitasking

More of the online-only social videos for the Asian market.

From Like playing piano and ping pong, Windows lets you work and play at the same time. Read More

Video Friday - Meet the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020

With 41 megapixels so every seat is the best seat in the house.

Most phones aren't capable of capturing quality photos at a distance. Even if it's just a few rows back. With the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020 you get 41 megapixels so every seat is the best seat in the house. Read More

We are Golden – Literally

By Bruce Nelson

Vertical Solutions achieves Gold Status for Microsoft’s Mid Market Solution Provider Competency Read More

Video Friday - Windows 8

Beautiful and Fast

More of the online-only social videos for the Asian market. Read More

Dynamic Business

Kicking it all the way to awesome

Vertical Solutions' Video Friday From Microsoft Dynamics and business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics ERP help individuals -- and organizations -- realize their full potential and drive significant impact by offering end to end business solutions that are flexible and easy to use. Read More

Windows Everywhere

Windows brings it all to life

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Videos Friday From Work or play, see how Windows brings it all to life on your Windows tablet, PC and phone. Read More

A Productivity Team Player

What will you miss when you choose Google Docs?

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Videos Friday From People have to find ways to overcome feature gaps and offline access by working harder, spending their time finding workarounds, or potentially using third-party tools to overcome the gaps. Read More

The Importance of Sound in Human Technology Interactions

Oscar winner Randy Thom discusses sound design

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Videos Friday From the Microsoft News Center: In the first episode of Microsoft’s new film series “On the Whiteboard,” Editor Pamela Woon chats with two-time Oscar winner Randy Thom about the (often underestimated) importance of sound in human-technology interactions Read More

Windows 8: Less Talking, More Doing

Vertical Solutions' Favorite Videos Friday

Read More

Unlock Your Potential with Microsoft Dynamics

Unlock the potential in your people and drive your business forward with Microsoft Dynamics

Vertical Solutions' Video Friday From At the heart of every business are people with the potential to have a powerful impact. Microsoft Dynamics gives your team proactive, easy-to-use business solutions, empowering everyone to create a truly dynamic business. Unlock the potential in your people and drive your business forward with Microsoft Dynamics. Read More

Another Vertical Solutions Community Connection

Vertical Solutions' President Bruce Nelson joins the Board of Healthy Learning Paths

Even though Bruce is now based out of Boulder, Colorado to grow our new Western Region, his commitment to non profits is a lasting legacy to all of us here in the Pittsburgh office. Read More

Microsoft Ad Friday - Windows 8

Power of Touch

Microsoft created some online-only social videos for the Asian market. Everyone is buzzing about them, so we thought we would share. Read More

Why Microsoft Certifications Matter

By Bruce Nelson

We are in an era of unprecedented change. As technology evolves, so do our customers’ needs. Just three years ago, the idea that end users would expect access to corporate networks from their personal devices would have been unthinkable. Yet, today that is the norm. Read More

Even Better News than Prince Harry’s Visit Comes out of Colorado

Our Colorado expansion going strong……

As we previously posted, Vertical Solution’s expansion to the Denver area started in 2011. The momentum continued as we brought on two additional team members in 2012 and President, Bruce Nelson relocated with his family in January 2013. Read More

Should Small Business Use the Cloud?

Vertical Solutions founder, Bob Nelson, explains it all

Our founder, Robert Nelson is leading a seminar at the Small Business Development Center at Saint Vincent College on May 8th – Should I Use the Cloud? We asked him to take a few moments to talk about this session and his commitment to family enterprise. Read More

What March Madness Taught Me

How Picking Teams is Like Picking IT Services

Read More

Vertical Solutions Commitment to Non Profits

Bob Ellson shared his recent experience in providing relief to Jersey Shore residents effected by Sandy.

Vertical Solutions takes pride in our commitment to serve nonprofit organizations. We not only “talk the talk” by specializing in helping organizations provide efficient services to their constituents – we “walk the talk” as well. Most of our team are personally active in giving back. Read More

Vertical Solutions Family Feud Tournament Results | February 8th

Besides candy, name something that might have a chocolate covering.

Read More

Vertical Solutions Family Feud Tournament Results | February 1st

Name something that generally has strings attached to it.

Read More

Pittsburgh's Loss is Denver’s Gain

President and CEO, Bruce Nelson has relocated to the Denver area to oversee the growth of our Western Operations

While we will miss his smiling face around the office every day, we are excited to see how his direct leadership will result in the growth of our Denver based business group. Read More

Vertical Solutions Family Feud Tournament Results | January 25th

What do men say they spend the most time thinking about.

Read More

Meet a Team Member: Chris Bowman

Get to know Chris Bowman as he answers some questions about his interests and hobbies! Read More

Vertical Solutions Family Feud Results Jan 18th

Question: Name something you see on a track

Read More

Vertical Solutions Family Feud Results Jan 11th

Question: Name a kind of place where people might forget their coats

Read More

Meet a Team Member: Anthony Mannella

Meet Anthony Mannella! Anthony is a senior network engineer and computer network consultant at Vertical Solutions. Read on to learn more about Anthony! Read More

Glad to be Done: How I Get Through Finals Week

December is a very bittersweet month for me. As a college student, it is that time of the semester where I spend more time in the library than I do my house. It is a demanding, stressful, and painful few weeks, to say the least. Read More

Meet a Team Member: Bruce Lane

Meet Bruce Lane! Bruce is the Director of the Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Consulting Practice of Vertical Solutions. Get to know Bruce as he answers questions about his job responsibilities, favorite things to do when not working, and more! Read More

We Ask Our President, Bruce Nelson, to Give Us Insight on the Trends He is Seeing

Quesiton: So, you support 2,000+ end users and 350+ servers across 450 individual clients. With that kind of reach, what trends are you seeing in the client base and what factors are driving those trends? Read More

Meet a Team Member: Lindsay Biggio

Meet Lindsay Biggio! Lindsay, a Sales Coordinator, answers questions about her job tasks, what she likes to do in her spare time, and more! Read More

Meet a Team Member: Bob Ellson

Meet Bob Ellson! Bob is one of our Account Managers at Vertical Solutions. Get to know Bob as he answers questions about his responsibilities, hobbies, and more! Read More

Meet a Team Member: Joe Critchlow

Meet Joe Critchlow! I asked Joe a few questions so we could all get to know him. Read on to see his responses! Read More

Our President Discusses How Paying Attention to Industry Trends Has Improved our Services

Or, Bruce Nelson's big aha moment

Recently, Vertical Solutions President was interviewed by Business Solutions magazine, where he discussed how our service offerings have evolved. Read More

Fall is Here and the Days are Getting Shorter

by Lorrie Siedlecki

Pausing to assess how your systems are supporting your goals can help solve real business bottlenecks. Instead of tackling that important project, we often procrastinate and allow our daily tasks to eat up our day. Read More

Geek League Fantasy Football Update: Week Seven

By Brandon Pelesky

Let's hear it for the girls! Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football: Week Six

By Brandon Pelesky

This week's power rankings from our Geek League. Notice two loses in a row for Ben Speca's team. We are so happy. Read More

Geek League Fantasy Football Update: Week Five

By Brandon Pelesky

Here we thought that Mike Kramm’s mind was filled with thoughts on how to help our clients get the most out of their SagePFW system. Turns out that he is also has some room in that noggin for genius fantasy owner moves. He turned in a great performance this week to take first place. Read More

Geek League Fantasy Football Update: Week Four

By Brandon Pelesky

This Week's Power Rankings Read More

Why Vertical Solutions’ Fantasy Football League is the Perfect Representation of our Mission Statement

As the Marketing Manager here at Vertical Solutions, my ultimate responsibility is make sure that we are answering the big question – what makes us different? It is pretty easy for me to articulate, since it is spelled out in our mission statement. Read More

Top Six Things You May Not Have Known About Vertical Solutions

Did you know that Vertical Solution is one of the largest IT Services and Dynamics GP partners in the Western PA region? This year we have achieved many great milestones, six of which we waned to share with you! Read More

Welcome Lindsay Biggio to Vertical Solutions

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Lindsay Biggio to Vertical Solutions. Read More

Meet a Team Member: Matt Mihelcic

Matt is one of our Help Desk Engineers at Vertical Solutions. In our interview he decribed the hardest part about his job, what he likes about working with clients, and common issues people call in about! Read More

Meet a Team Member: Bruce Nelson

Bruce is Vertical Solutions president, responsible for the operational and strategic vision of our company in addition to providing high end In our interview he discussed how he got where is is today, his greatest achievements and a few books he thinks are worthwhile reads! Read More

Welcome Leanne Barker to Vertical Solutions

Please join Vertical Solutions in welcoming Leanne Barker to our team! Leanne is our new Technical Services Coordinator and will be one of the voices you encounter when you call our Help Desk. Read More

Meet a Team Member: Justin Krentz

Justin Krentz is one of our Account Executives at Vertical Solutions. In my interview with him he shared what he does on an everyday basis, his favorite/least favorite parts of his job and why he has to go to the gym so often! Read More

Read More

Meet a Team Member: Ben Speca

Ben is the Director of Operation for award winning SAGE Certified and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Vertical Solutions, Inc. of Pennsylvania. I asked him to answer a few questions so we could get to know him better! Read More

Three Worthwhile Posts to Read by Rosetta Thurman

By Raleigh Silverman

While surfing the web before work this morning I stumbled upon a fellow blogger, Rosetta Thurman. Rosetta’s mission is to “empower a new generation of leaders to change the world.” Read More

Protect Your Company's Sensitive Information

As a student and employee I am constantly sending and receiving emails. Email is the main communication channel in the business world both internally and externally. Read More

Movement Towards Electronic Medical Records

By Justin Krentz

Change is relentless. Technology is ever-evolving and the decision to stick with what you know hinders efficiency and potential for growth. Read More

Welcome Fran Wendowski to Vertical Solutions

Fran Wendowski has joined our team as a System Engineer in our Boulder, Colorado location. His efforts will be focused on supporting our IT Managed Services clients. Read More

Meet a Team Member - Marc Silverman

By Raleigh Silverman

Marc is the Vice President of Vertical Solutions and the Director of our Network Infrastructure Team. He is responsible for the Field Engineering Group that designs, implements and supports clients’ technology infrastructure. In an interview I asked him to share some knowledge with us about the industry, below are his responses. Read More

Top 8 things you may not know about Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions Well Known Facts

Vertical Solutions is known for many services BUT: Read More

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