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Video Friday: Crazy Mountain Brewery Shares Their Microsoft Story

This Colorado Brewery Achieves Quality & Consistency with Microsoft Solutions

See how Crazy Mountain Brewery uses Microsoft tools to analyze their business data and collaborate in real time. Read More

Video Friday: Windows 10 is the Most Secure Windows Ever!

As Told By Steve “Guggs” Guggenheimer

Addressing today’s threats requires a new approach. Windows 10 offers architectural changes that protect from the inside out and go well beyond perimeter defense and building bigger walls. Security threats have evolved tremendously. Where we used to be concerned about attacks from individuals and small groups that were out for mischief or personal notoriety we are now seeing well-funded criminal organizations seeking profit. Read More

Video Friday: SMBs - Do You Realize Your Value?

The one thing every small business should do immediately to mitigate cybersecurity threats...

The SBA estimates nearly half of small businesses will be the victim of a cyberattack, costing them an average of $21,000, and that’s not counting lost consumer trust. Wow! Read More

When it Comes to IT, Bigger Isn't Necessarily Better...

Are you a SMB looking for an MSP?

As a small business ourselves, we get the problems other small businesses face. Do big companies know and understand your every day problems? We truly believe that when it comes to the company who handles your technology, bigger isn't always better. Read More

Vertical Solutions Named to ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs

We ranked 60th world wide for our vertical focus in the Healthcare space!

Vertical Solutions is so proud to announce that we have been named to After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list and research. This distinguished list and research identify and honor the top 100 managed services providers (MSPs) in healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing and additional vertical markets. Read More

Office 365 from Vertical Solutions - A partner and solution you can trust!

Top 10 Security and Privacy Features of Office 365 from Vertical Solutions

With built in security, and continuous compliance, you can rest assured that with Office 365 from Vertical Solutions, your data is safe. It won't ever be used for advertising, or anything other than your business! You control who has access and so many other aspects of privacy. The cloud is no longer a mystery.. you will know exactly where your data resides and who has access to it. Read More

We Did it Again: Microsoft Continues to Acknowledge Our Expertise!

We are (still) Microsoft Gold-Certified

Vertical Solutions is proud to announce that we are continually recognized as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, which benefits our customers in terms of service and technical expertise. Read More

Vertical Solutions Achieves Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency

We are excited to be among an exclusive group of cloud experts!

Vertical Solutions was just awarded the Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency, signifying our proficiency in meeting our customers’ ever-changing business needs. Read More

Video Friday: Your Workplace isn't the Same Anymore

... and Microsoft Office isn't either!

If you have read some of the other blogs we have posted about Microsoft Office 365, then you might know that I am a work from home employee. Because of that, I love Office 365! Read More

Small Businesses Face Big Challenges

... Vertical Solutions offers big solutions

You don’t have to be a big company to face big challenges. The truth is, small businesses have big challenges. Two of the biggest being time and money. We want your business to make the most of those two things. Read More

Video Friday: Not All Clouds are Created Equal

What to Look for in a Cloud Provider

Just because a vendor's marketing department calls their service a "cloud" doesn't mean that their technology platforms actually live up to industry best practices and standards for cloud computing. Read More

Video Friday: Business is better with Microsoft Office 365

A montage of SMB customer success stories...

With an Office 365 subscription, you can edit and create new documents on your devices. Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping save time, money, and free up valued resources. Read More

Hospitals and Medical Practices Beware...

Ransomware is officially targeting you. Learn how to protect yourself, NOW!

Recently, there was a cyberattack on MedStar Health, one of the biggest health-care systems in the Washington region. We are seeing these attacks in the news more and more, but now we are facing a new kind of security threat targeting an industry that is racing to digitalize patient records. According to the Washington Post, security experts and hospital officials say that the industry is ill-prepared to handle this kind of threat. Read More

Customers in the News: Pittsburgh's First Milk Bank is Now Open!

We are so proud of our customer, Three River's Mother's Milk Bank!

Our customer, Three Rivers Milk Bank is officially open! It is the first milk bank in Pennsylvania and right here in Pittsburgh! It’s located in a renovated warehouse just east of the Strip District near The Midwife Center. Read More

Office365 and Power BI

By Bruce Nelson

The power of Office 365 and Power BI as told by Vertical Solutions' president, Bruce Nelson, fellow small business owner. Read More

Video Friday: Are You Protected Against Cyber Threats?

Educate and protect yourself from being the next victim

According to The Washington Post, "the best that officials in Plainfield, N.J., can tell, the hackers got in when someone was on the Internet researching grants, and soon employees in the mayor’s office were locked out of their own files. City officials scrambled to pull servers offline, but three had been compromised, leaving memos, city newsletters and other documents inaccessible. Read More

Video Friday: What are SMART goals?

By Bob Nelson (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

SMART goal setting brings structure and tractability into your goals and objectives. Instead of vague resolutions, SMART goal setting creates verifiable trajectories towards a certain objective, with clear milestones and an estimation of the goal's attainability. Every goal or objective, from intermediary step to overarching objective, can be made SMART and as such, brought closer to reality. Read More

Video Friday: Unlocking Creativity

How Office 365 Can Help!

For the last video from the Microsoft collection of "The Changing World of Work", the focus is on automation. Automation will change the nature of our jobs. While many jobs will be eliminated, automation and intelligence will also help us focus our attention on what matters most, create new forms of value and allow human creativity to flourish Read More

How to Make the Most of Your Work From Home Experience

Microsoft Office 365 for the win!

I recently read an article that was sent to me from a coworker. It was from Office blogs and entitled, "How to work from home and look good doing it". Being a work from home employee, it absolutely sparked my interest. Read More

Video Friday: A Spectrum of Spaces

Take Advantage of the Cloud and Free Up Some Office Space

Microsoft says, "Today’s work spaces have moved toward openness and flexibility in design. But it’s not just about creating physical areas where people can collaborate. Spaces are also needed that provide privacy, for people to focus on their work. A third type of space is important, too: One where employees can contemplate, restore and relax." Read More

Video Friday: The Social Workplace

Don't feel disconnected from your work!

When you can work from anywhere, why go to the office? Human connections and serendipitous encounters matter more than ever. Modern workplace design needs to be intentionally designed to foster collaboration and tacit knowledge exchange. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: What are Social Engineering Tactics Used by Cyber Criminals?

Trust your gut, if it seems off - call the helpdesk!

Has someone you trusted ever tricked you? That is what it feels like to be socially engineered. There are both technical and non-technical ways that someone can use social engineering to gain someone’s trust and manipulate people for their own benefit. Cyber criminals, now on the rise, use these tactics to tap into our minds and play on our emotions. Read More

New Locky Ransomware - Know What it is and How to Not Fall Victim to it!

Have you opened any invoice attachments lately?

There is now a new ransomware called Locky. It was detected last week and is spreading at an alarming rate. Locky is the latest strain of ransomware that uses two forms of social engineering to encrypt files, filenames and unmapped network shares. Read More

Video Friday: Leadership in Transition

The role of the leader is changing, yet it’s more important than ever.

The old paradigm is a leader sitting in his or her office, issuing memos to employees after sharing information with a chosen few at the top levels of an organization. The new paradigm is a leader who takes time to build a corporate culture that not only encourages, but expects, collaboration, experimentation and teamwork. Read More

Our Customer, Genesis Medical Associates, is in the News!

Paving the way as one of the largest independent physician practices in Western Pennsylvania.

Patient care is important to them, and having a say in how they treat their patients is of more value than the generous offers they are getting from the bigger systems. Read More

Video Friday: Working Like a Network

Which type of team will drive the best business outcomes?

This video talks more in depth about our changing culture (not just technological) and what this means for the world of work moving forward. Read More

Don't Get Caught Making These Microsoft Word Mistakes

How to turn your Microsoft Word mistakes into effective practices

I came across an article today entitled "Your Microsoft Word Skills Suck" by Small Business Computing. The title alone had me almost in tears, so I had to keep reading. I realized that the mistakes they mentioned are all very common mistakes that have simple fixes. So, instead of telling you that your Microsoft Word Skills suck, I want to tell you how to turn them into effective practices. Read More

Video Friday: Elements of Responsiveness

The world of work is changing, are you keeping up?

In this video, Microsoft talks about what it takes to be a responsive organization and what the benefits are of doing that. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: What's Better Than a Screen Shot?

Snipping is better than cropping

Are you sick of taking a screen shot and then having to crop out everything and resize it to get just an image of the small thing on the page that you need? There are just so many steps to it that it just isn't as easy as it sounds anymore. And if you have two screens it's so much more cropping! Read More


Which one will get your business where it needs to be?

As I read more of what Microsoft has released in the "Changing World of Work" Series, I am realizing that it's not even just our industry that this impacts! All organizations need to make sure that they are able to quickly adapt and keep up with our fast growing and changing world (of work). Read More

BYOD: Productivity Without Risk

How do SMB’s protect confidential information from getting outside of the organization?

Recently, there has been an explosion of mobility solutions and BYOD (bring your own device) is no longer a trendy phrase. It’s the way a lot of employees are working now and it has had a huge impact on small businesses. Read More

Video Friday: What the Heck is ERP?

ERP is what helps SMB's achieve so much more!

A Microsoft Dynamics ERP system from Vertical Solutions really means: a comprehensive, yet easy to use business management solution that helps companies that are outgrowing their current accounting software achieve their growth ambitions. Plus, a partner who is here to help, train, and support your business every step of the way. Read More

If Santa's Not Careful, Christmas Could Destroy Lives

Don't Let This Happen to Your Business!

Since you were a child, you knew about "The List". You knew that he was making one, checking it twice, and he would always find out if you were naughty or nice. Back when we were younger, all Santa had to do was write it on a piece of a paper and he could shred it when he was done with it, until next year. And like most of us, probably didn't use the internet for much. Maybe checking a few Christmas Lists that came in through his email once that came around. Read More

Set your AM dial to KDKA 1020: Vertical Solutions is on TechVibe Radio!

Don't miss it!

Recently, Vertical Solutions recorded an interview with the Pittsburgh Technology Council on Tech Vibe Radio. The interviewee was our president, Bruce Nelson (pictured far right). I was actually invited to sit in and I am so glad! It was a really fun experience and Bruce had some amazing things to say. Which, again, reminded me of all of the reasons that I am proud to work for such an innovative leader. Read More

The Best Secret Santa Experience

... is giving to those in need

We have been posting a lot of videos lately about foster children. Are you wondering why? Well, recently we teamed with Together We Rise to give duffel bags filled with items for foster children. Our employees worked hard to raise $700 and Vertical Solutions matched that amount, giving us $1,400 to buy the items necessary to stuff duffel bags for foster children. Vertical Solutions was able to donate 56 duffel bags (each stuffed with a teddy bear, blanket, crayons, coloring book and hygiene kit) to Auberle Foster Agency in McKeesport, PA. Read More

What Are You Reading This Winter?

Bruce Nelson's List

Bruce is always pushing the envelope with new and innovative ideas. He strives to be the kind of leader, who sets our company apart and he does very well. Read More

Video Friday: One Place for Everything

One Drive - Bridging the gap between work and personal documents

It amazes me when I talk to people who have Office 365 and do not take advantage of all of the benefits available. One Drive is one of those advantages. It's an amazing way to store your business and personal files, photos and so much more. Read More

Where do Objectives and supporting Strategies come from?

By Bob Nelson (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

The organizations mission is developed by the leader(s) of the company. Each manager in the organization then develops the objectives for their department/team to support the mission of the organization. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Weeks 13

Week 13 Recap

The experts predicted that You Shall Not Pass would have the most points this week. The experts were right. They demolished The Kingslayers, winning 129 to 95. You Shall Not Pass' win ended The Kingslayers' three game winning streak. The win brings You Shall Not Pass' record to 8 - 5, while dropping The Kingslayers to 10 - 3. Read More

Video Friday: Merging Shapes in PowerPoint

Don't have Photoshop? No problem!

So many times I have needed to make a quick graphic to add to a PowerPoint, or this blog. I've used Photoshop before, but not only is it expensive, I don't need to spend that much money, time and effort to create a small graphic. If you are in the same boat as me, I am happy to share that there is an easier way! Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Weeks 11 and 12

Weeks 11 and 12 Recap

At Vertical Solutions, we take our jobs seriously, but we know how to have fun with them too! With vCare Managed Services, you can have help desk support at your finger tips, from real, local people who are happy to get up everyday to enhance your experience using the technology you need to support your business. Read More

Video Friday: Kids are NOT Trash

Help us show these kids they are loved by sponsoring a bag for a child!

Vertical Solutions has the opportunity to help show these kids a little bit of love by providing them with a duffel bag with toys and a place to put their things. But, we can't do it without help! Take a few moments to watch this video about the great cause we are supporting and consider helping us by sponsoring a bag for a child. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 10

Week 10 Recap

The Kingslayers wound up with a solid victory margin against Tampa Bay Wench, winning 97 to 85. The win brings The Kingslayers' record to 8 - 2, while dropping Tampa Bay Wench to 4 - 6. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: What is Dridex? How can I protect myself and my business from it?

Here are tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim

In one of the worst cyber-attacks ever seen, hackers used a piece of malware known as Dridex to gain access to passwords and usernames and siphon off money from accounts. Dridex is the name of a strain of malware designed to eavesdrop on victim’s computers in order to steal personal information with the goal of breaking into bank accounts and siphoning cash. Read More

Video Friday: No Child Deserves a Trash Bag

Help us give back to the community by sponsoring a bag for a child!

We are looking to raise at least $5,000 to be able to provide 200 “sweet cases” to our local Children’s Division. Would you emotionally support a child by sponsoring a bag? Individuals/ churches/ schools can sponsor bags at $20 a bag and corporations/ businesses/ foundations can sponsor a bag at $25 a bag. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 9

Week 9 Recap

Evil Corp won versus Tampa Bay Wench with a 113 to 64 point game. Evil Corp have now won four games in a row, bringing their record to 5 - 4. The loss drops Tampa Bay Wench back at 4 - 5. Read More

Video Friday: Share Please

Sharing has never been easier!

With Microsoft Office 365, your documents are saved to the cloud by default. You can share and collaborate just by sending a link, which also grants read or edit permissions. This way, you can easily manage only one version of your document. Read More

Video Friday: Call Us Before You Try This...

Before managed services, there was office rage

It can be so frustrating when our computers don't perform the way that we want/need them to. Most of us are smart enough not to smash them to pieces, knowing that will not help them to work better. However, there are times when we really want to! When I watch this video, I think of a person who really needs to invest in managed services. With Vertical Solutions proactively monitoring your desktop, we have the ability to get rid of problems before they occur (so you can avoid this kind of rage and continue on working without even knowing that there was ever a threat in the first place). And if there are any issues that arise, a quick call to the help desk and we will resolve those issues for you. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 7

Week 7 Recap

Shots of Water used a big game from their running backs to take down Princess Corncob 118 to 82. The win is the first of the season for Shots of Water, making their record 1 - 6. The loss was Princess Corncob's 4th in their last five games, bringing their record to 2 - 5. Read More

Join Us at The TechNow Conference!

October 29, 2015

On Thursday, October 29, 2015 we will be participating as a sponsor for the 12th annual TechNow Conference, organized by The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University. TechNow 2015 will be held at Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry Township, PA. Read More

Health and Tech aren’t so Different

By Bruce Nelson

Roughly 18 months ago I was getting bored with my workout routines and was interested in a change. I had a general idea what Crossfit was about, but until I walked in, I had no idea how it would challenge me and help me grow. I tell you this because I see a number of correlations between maintaining personal health and maintaining the health of the systems that enable us to run our organizations on a day to day basis. One of the foundations of Crossfit in particular is that the workouts change from day to day and week to week. This helps you to adapt and overcome weakness. It is also done in a class environment which creates accountability. We see the elements of constant change and accountability all the time as we work with clients to manage and secure their IT environments. Read More

Video Friday: Welcome to Our Office

The NEW Office - 2016

The new Office 2016, available via Office 365, are built for teamwork and to work for you, so you can work with anyone…from anywhere. Office 2016 reduces the friction in co-creation, making it easier to share documents, work together, and use coauthoring, IM, voice and video to get things done. Read More

This just in: Vertical Solutions Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner

We did it again!

We are proud to announce that Microsoft has continued to award Vertical Solutions as one of their highest, most specialized partners within the mid market. As a mid market business ourselves, we are especially proud to be Pittsburgh's only Gold Dynamics GP Partner. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 5

Week 5 Recap

At Vertical Solutions, we take our jobs seriously, but we know how to have fun with them too! With vCare Managed Services, you can have help desk support at your finger tips, from real, local people who are happy to get up everyday to enhance your experience using the technology you need to support your business. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: How to Avoid Being the Next CyberSecurity Headline

The Way We Work is Changing and Exposing Your Business to New Risks

In honor of October being National Cyber Security Month, now is the time to get a network assessment and make sure that your security is keeping a quicker pace than the threats... Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 3

Week 3 Recap

At Vertical Solutions, we take our jobs seriously, but we know how to have fun with them too! With vCare Managed Services, you can have help desk support at your finger tips, from real, local people who are happy to get up everyday to enhance your experience using the technology you need to support your business. Read More

Channel Transition Conference

By Bruce Nelson

I want to say a BIG thank you to Business Solutions Magazine and specifically the Channel Transitions team for once again inviting me to participate as a panel member at their conference. The conference is attended by Owners, Directors and Managers of IT Services providers looking to transition their organization to Managed Service Providers like us. It is an honor to be viewed as a leader in the space and provide insights into our journey over the past 8 years and to learn from the very talented peer group in attendance. Read More

Video Friday: The all-new OneNote

A new way to take notes

A while back, we did a blog post about what essentials to have in your laptop bag. I am finding that may people now only carry their laptops. With cloud technologies and Office 365, everything that is worth anything to us in business is in the cloud. Imagine walking into a meeting with nothing but a device (phone, tablet or PC). No more pens and paper. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 2

Week 2 of the Geek League Fantasy League

This week in our Geek Squad fantasy football league, Mt Lebanon United demolished Shots of Water, winning 111 to 71. That 40 point margin was the biggest gap between any two teams this week. The win brings Mt Lebanon United's record to 2 - 0, while dropping Shots of Water to 0 - 2. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: Emailing it forward

Send an email to the future you!

Have you ever gotten an email that is important, but won’t be happening or need your attention for a few days? It seems that a lot of people will leave it in their inbox marked as “unread” or flag it, but it’s still so easy to forget about it when the time comes. And, if it is something time sensitive for that particular date, you definitely don’t want to leave it up to your memory to go through those unread or flagged emails. Or, maybe you want to add it to your calendar, but you don’t want to get busy and forget. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015 : Week 1

Week 1 of the Geek League Fantasy League

In week 2 of our Geek League Fantasy Football League, Shalom Sesame earned a pretty comfortable victory over my team, Tech blogger, winning 118 to 97. The 118 points Shalom Sesame scored set the high mark for the league this week. Read More

Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football Highlights 2015

The Draft Recap

Last Wednesday at 7:00pm, Vertical Solutions Fantasy Football League kicked off with a live draft! (Well, live online!) Part of the reason we work so well together is because we play well together too! This league is one of the things we like to do to add a little bit of friendly competition and laughs to our tech team. Read More

Video Friday: De-Clutter Your Inbox with Office 365

It's like a free cleaning service for your Outlook!

Are you tired of spending hours sifting through your emails, trying to figure out what needs your attention now and what is less important? With Office 365, you don't have to! You can literally train your email to move the "clutter" into its own folder automatically. Read More

Video Friday: What Could An Extra $6,000 Do For Your Organization?

Implementing Office 365 could potentially add $6,000 to our marketing budget this year!

Are you sick of paying your online meeting subscription? So were we! But, with Office 365, we don't have to pay it anymore. Any meetings that we want to schedule now can be done directly from our email, which is so much more convenient than it was with our go to meeting account. Read More

Back to School Tech: Sway Back to School

It doesn’t mean what you think it does

With Microsoft’s Sway, you can create and share interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, personal stories, and more. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: Why Do I Need to Eject a USB Drive Before Removing it? And Do I Really Need to?

There is a real reason that it's best to always press eject.

Ever wonder why your computer warns you about ejecting those USB drives before you remove them? It’s not to add an extra, annoying step to your day. The best habit to get into is to press eject first. Read More

Video Friday: Word 2013 Reply Comment

Have helpful conversations where they matter!

One of my favorite tools in Microsoft Office is the track changes feature. It allows you to see what changes have been made to the document and even make comments as to why. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: New Features Coming to Outlook on the Web

Didn't care for OWA? You'll love the new web version of Outlook in Office 365

We are so excited to announce exciting updates coming to the web version of Outlook in Office 365 this September. Formerly known as the Outlook Web App (or OWA for short), the browser-based Outlook experience will simply be referred to as “Outlook on the web” going forward Read More

Video Friday: eOne Smartlist Builder Training

Could you benefit from this online self-paced training?

In the last year, 16 new features have been added to SmartList Builder and they are continuing to work to improve the product to make it easier than ever use. They have also developed a brand new, online SmartList Builder Self-Paced Training environment, designed for users to receive training at their own convenience and pace. Read More

Sharknado and the Zombie Apocalypse

By Ben Speca

I was asked by Vertical Solution’s Marketing team to write a “blog”. To be truthful, this word has always made me laugh. Read More

Leadership Broomfield

Our President shares his excitement about being accepted into the Leadership Broomfield Program

Vertical Solutions is proud to announce that our President, Bruce Nelson, has been accepted into this year’s Leadership Broomfield Program. Read More

Word 2013: Read Mode

Make your onscreen reading more enjoyable

Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: My email can text?

Did you know you could send a text through email?

Cellular carriers provide a service that many people are unaware of, which is the ability to send a text message from email. Using this format you can compose text messages through your email and easily send your email message to the cell phone of a person or a group of people. Read More

VS Solutions Roadmap

By Bruce Nelson

I was recently asked to participate in an interview regarding the transition of IT Partners from Value Added Reseller to Managed and Cloud Services partner. I won’t bore you with the details (I’ll do that when I share the link to the article) but part of the conversation revolved around our Product and Solutions Roadmap. Read More

The New York Stock Exchange Shut Down: Don't Make the Same Mistake They Did

By Justin Krentz

No business can afford downtime. Our time is our most valuable service, which is one of the reasons why downtime can cost so much. Technology is made to help us handle our business more efficiently, but it’s not perfect. Things do go wrong and it’s important to prepare for those moments. We have to be able to move through them quickly and getting back to our customers. Read More

Windows 10: A Next Generation Operating System

By Marc Silverman

Overall I have to say that I am very pleased with Windows 10. I find that it is extremely responsive and addresses some very fundamental issues that kept us from implementing Windows 8 or 8.1 across our client base. Read More

Video Friday: Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365 - The Perfect Pair

Test drive this match that was made for you!

We aren't in the business of match-making, but this pair is too perfect for your business, for us not to share. Read More

The Future Starts With Windows 10

"These kids will grow up with Windows 10"

Read More

Beach Reading Lists 2015: Bruce Nelson

Our President shares his reading list for this summer

Bruce Nelson, the President of Vertical Solutions, shares his reading list as a part of this summer reading blog series. Bruce enjoys thrillers and also mixes in business books to encourage new ideas provide some inspiration in looking at the business. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: I Need to Undo My Mistakes

Nothing in Office is set in stone. Here is how to fix your mistakes

We all make mistakes and I am sure we all wish we could undo them. In Office, we can! Maybe you pasted the wrong picture or messed up a text box. Microsoft knew we would make mistakes in Office so they created ways to “undo” them. Read More

Welcome Cathryn Brewster!

We are so excited to welcome Cathryn Brewster to our team!

She has joined us a Helpdesk member working out of our Colorado office. Read More

Congratulations to Our Founder

Robert Nelson attains the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation

Congratulations to our founder, Robert Nelson, for attaining the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation after completing the Exit Planning Institute’s (EPI) intensive CEPA five day executive style MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Read More

We Have Added a New Office Location

We have a new office in Loveland, Colorado!

Read More

Beach Reading Lists 2015: Bruce Lane

The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood by Jane Leavy

If you don't know Bruce Lane, you may not know that he spends a lot of time on the road. He travels far and wide to client sites to do presentations and demos and meet with clients. Rather than try to find the time to read the books he wants to read, Bruce makes good use of his time spent in the car by listening to his favorite books. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk: My Computer Bytes?

If your computer has "Bytes", it's not because it's hungry!

What is a Byte anyway? You hear about KB and MB, but what does that really even mean? Read More

Video Friday - Office 365

Your favorite Office tools in the cloud

Office Online is releasing new autocorrect features. The first implementation will make straightforward changes such as capitalizing the first letter of a sentence. In the coming weeks, you will see more advanced automatic formatting such as transforming two hyphens into a dash—just like you’d expect in Word. Read More

Video Friday - Word 2013 Online Video

Type less but say more by adding online videos to your documents

Have you ever been working on a document and had a video to reference, but weren't sure how to seamlessly add it to your document? Sure, you could add a link to it, but having the actual video right in the document is so much better! Read More

Ask the Helpdesk - How to Change the Name of a Hyperlink

Getting Fancy with Email Hyperlinks

Have you ever wanted to send a coworker or client a link and it's long and looks almost like it could be a virus? There is a simple and fast way to change the name of a hyperlink in an email. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk - Basic Computer Hardware

What is the difference between hardware and software?

You have heard of the terms computer "hardware" and "software", but understanding how they differ and come together, allowing us to perform specific tasks, can be tricky. Computer hardware refers to all the parts of the computer that you can touch. Computer software generally refers to those computer related things that you can't touch. Read More

Video Friday - Word 2013 Live Layout

Watch photos, videos and shapes move through text as you drag them in your document. Release the mouse button, and your object and the text around it, are already in their final place – no need to guess the result. Read More

Ask the Helpdesk - Securing Your Network

Is your wireless router secure?

It is important to make sure that your home or mobile office has a secure network. To do this, you need to secure your wireless router. If you don’t secure your router, you’re vulnerable to people accessing information on your computer, using your Internet service for free and potentially using your network to commit cyber crimes. Read More

Video Friday - Use content from PDFs in your Word Documents

When you are bragging to your friends about Office 365, you can show off your savvy word skills too!

In this video, you will see how you can use content from PDFs easily and make it look great. Word will allow you to open PDFs and it makes content, such as paragraphs, lists and tables, act as familiar Word documents. Read More

Beach Reading Lists 2015 : Leanne Diamond

Since I write our blog, I get to be the first to share my beach reading list for 2015. I am not overly excited about what I have to read this summer because my book collection is old. I am debating whether or not to trade the books in, although I won't get much for them, or to just buy new ebooks since they are more affordable! I might even pick up one of the books from Bill Gates' list. I will post what I ended up reading when summer ends. Read More

Video Friday - Bill Gates' Beach Reading List to Kick Off Your Summer

He has inspired us to come up with our own lists

Memorial Day weekend is finally here! What better way is there to kick off summer than with a reading list recommended by none other than Bill Gates. After hearing his list, it has inspired us at Vertical Solutions to come up with some lists of our own. Throughout the summer we will let you know what we are reading and how it is going. Stay tuned! Read More

Meet a Team Member: Justin Messenger

Making customers happy, one help desk call at a time

Read More

Ask the Helpdesk - Hacked Accounts

Have you been hacked? What to do now!

The topic of discussion lately has been how to stay safe on the internet. It’s important to know what threats are out there and how to avoid being a victim. The one thing we haven’t touched on yet, is what to do when your account has been hacked or compromised. Read More

Video Friday - SharePoint Plug In for Expenses in Dynamics GP

Facing the end of Business Portal and looking for a turnkey alternative?

DynamicPoint's Expense Management solution for Dynamics GP is designed for organizations looking to automate the reimbursement of employees for travel and expense costs. Read More

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