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We value our customers and strive to expand our understanding of trends.

By becoming a sponsor at an industry conference, our goal is to bring innovative products and services to your organization.

Whether we are catching up with customers or forming new relationships we want to help you bring value back to your organization.

Please visit us at these upcoming tradeshows to discover technologies that can advance your organization.

Vertical Solutions Events



Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society
Pittsburgh, PA

In addition to providing continuing education for physicians and their staff, the conference also hosts an exhibition that provides conference participants the opportunity to network with vendors who provide Ophthalmic resources, services and products to their practice and patient care.  



Medical Group Management Association of PA
Leadership Summit

Exchange best practices and gain a different perspective from colleagues across the state.

Better Understanding
Take away new knowledge and practical ways to implement it in your day-to-day operations. Bring back tactics to motivate your team and further your career.



PA Coalition of Affiliated Healthcare & Living Communities 
State College, PA

COMMUNITY HEALTHCHOICES Are you prepared? The final state-wide transition to Community HealthChoices is upon us – don’t miss out on sessions from leading experts on managed care.